Friday, January 15, 2010

something fun I learned

I always crack up at what they call 'strikeouts' when I read them in others blogs. It is when you write a word then 'cross it out' in a fashion that still shows it for reading. Like I am enraged mildly irritated.
My DH helped me learn how to do it the other day when I asked. It was a treat to myself for learning PowerPoint :-) Now I just hope I can come up with another example to use.
He said it was my first use of HTML...hypertext markup language.
Like: I have my sewing room messily creatively arranged.

If anyone else is interested... I don't seem to be able to type the keeps just crossing out the words! But I learned by googling the word strikeout and another person's blog came up with the explanation.


  1. I've often wondered how that's done - you're too funny. :-)

  2. Hee!!! Love it...seems like you are just striking out today...LOL! :)


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